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Intramural Program Contacts

George Moriarty, Intramural Director [email protected]

George Moriarty, Girls SE PA Rec League Coordinator [email protected]

Chris DiMedio, Boys SE PA Rec League Coordinator

Stephanie Thomson, Registrar & Website 
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Intramural Program Overview

The purpose of the Patriot FC Intramural Program is to provide players at all skill levels with a high quality opportunity to learn, enjoy and develop an appreciation for soccer and sports in general.  We provide these opportunities in a fun, constructive, and family oriented atmosphere. 

Patriot FC serves the residents of Newtown, New Hope, Upper Makefield, Wrightstown, and surrounding communities.  We provide soccer training and competitive opportunities for boys and girls ages 3-18. 

The club offers Intramural soccer programs at Brownsburg Park in Upper Makefield and Veterans Park in Newtown

Program Philosophy 

Our program intends to foster teamwork, good sportsmanship, and an appreciation for a physically active life-style. We have adopted Codes of Conduct for coaches, for players and for parents. Our Codes of Conduct build off of one another, and insure that we are creating a safe, positive and fun environment where we can develop our players. 

Registration for the 2020 Fall season begins in late Spring and we offer the follow programming:

  • Fall Soccer Sprouts Intramural Program (players under 4 years old; 2017 birth year)
  • Fall Intramural program (players 4-18 years old)
Descriptions of these programs are as follows:

Fall Soccer Sprouts Intramural Program (Players under 4 years old)

Patriot FC implements a clinic-style format for our youngest players. All players born in 2017 are eligible for this division. This division has a discounted registration fee, and consists of fun challenges for our youngest players. The focus will be on playing one on one with the ball. We will hold informal scrimmages at the end of each training session, but this age group will not have the more formal structure that is found in our older divisions. This group trains once per week, on Saturdays, led by our trainers with parent assistance. Each player is required to bring a size 3 ball and wear shin guards and cleats/sneakers to practice. 

Fall Soccer Sprouts Intramural Registration

  • Registration fee includes a full soccer kit - jersey, shorts, socks and a size 3 ball (you supply shin guards and cleats).
  • Soccer Sprouts Registration Fee is $TBA.
  • Intramural Registration is open from June 1st through August 31st. 
  • Refunds will be administered prior to August 15 (anticipated uniform ordering), and will include a $25 administrative fee that is non-refundable. No refunds on or after August 15.

Fall Intramural Program (Players 4-18 years old)

The Fall Intramural program is our Fall league for players 4-18 years old. Our teams play in divisions that are organized based upon age and grade. Following along with our small-sided game philosophy, our youngest divisions play 3v3 sided games, our middle divisions play 4v4, 7v7 and 9v9 sided games, and our middle and high school students play 11v11.
Patriot FC’s IM program is a true developmental program, and as per US Youth Soccer guidelines we have chosen to play small sided numbers. Smaller sided games are played on smaller fields, much the same way that other sports use progressively sized fields to accommodate play for smaller sized players.  The purpose of this approach is to increase the number of ball touches that every player gets during a game or practice, simplify the game for our youngest players, allow each player to be actively involved in all facets of the game, and give them more opportunities to score.  Smaller numbers also mean that the coach to player ratio is smaller, guaranteeing every player more individual teaching time.  For more information on short sided games and the philosophy behind this approach, please check out the US Youth Soccer website at the following link:
All intramural players in the younger age divisions (younger elementary aged players) will receive training every week before their scheduled games by training staff who are a part of the local High School Soccer Program. This will increase the amount of training exposure that each of our players receives during the season.  Coaches will also be able to hold practices during the week and build off of the training sessions provided by our trainers each Saturday. Weeknight practices are approximately one hour and are held between 5 -7:30pm depending on the team.
2020 Season Schedule

In keeping with club tradition, our first intramural games are held the first weekend following Labor Day at Brownsburg Park on Saturdays.
First game of 2020 Season & game times by birthyear will be posted soon. 

Game Times by Birth Year: 

Boys 2013 & 2014: TBA

Boys 2015 & 2016: TBA

Girls 2013 & 2014: TBA

Girls 2015 & 2016: TBA

Boys 2011 & 2012: TBA

Girls 2011 & 2012: TBA

Boys & Girls 2017 (Soccer Sprouts):TBA

Inter-Club Play

Patriot FC will continue to pursue and arrange inter-club play options for our middle and older divisions.  Our younger divisions will play exclusively in-house games.  Inter-Club play will consist of home and away games for all of our teams in the older divisions.  In the past, our 2010 and older teams have participated in the SE PA Rec League -
We continue to explore other options for Inter-Club play that may include games against neighboring clubs.
Coaches, players and parents will be advised as to locations, pending availability of our playing facilities: Sol Feinstone Elementary fields, Brownsburg Park and Washington Crossing Historic Park.  Coaches will notify their teams prior to Labor Day. 

Fall Intramural Registration (Players 4-18 years old)

  • Registration fee includes a full kit - jersey, shorts and socks (please note: player supplies cleats and shin guards). 
  • Until August 5, parents can sign up for volunteer roles, or pay $100 to opt-out of volunteering. After that date, the volunteer option will no longer be available and the $100 fee will apply.
  • Fall Intramural Registration fee:   

     2016 - 2011 birthyear: $TBA ($TBA if you register prior to July 2). On or after August 6, fee is $TBA plus $100 volunteer opt-out fee. 
     2010 - 2002 birthyear: $TBA ($TBA if you register prior to July 2). On or after August 6, fee is $TBA plus $100 volunteer opt-out fee. 

  • Multi-sibling family discount: After 2 paid intramural registrations, your third and subsequent player receives a 50% discount on the lowest priced registration prior to July 2. 
  • Intramural Registration is open from June 1 through August 31. 
  • Refunds will be administered prior to August 15 (anticipated uniform ordering), and will include a $25 administrative fee that is non-refundable. No refunds on or after August 15.

NOTE: ALL players in ALL divisions need shin guards and cleats to participate. Shin guards are to be worn on the inside of a soccer sock.