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Masking Guidance

Universal Masking Guidance

EPYSA COVID-19 Update - Masking May 10,2021

EPYSA COVID-19 Masking Guidance April 30, 2021

Following the guidance provided in the EPYSA Advisories above, this table represents the current expectations  of players, coaches, and spectators while attending games, practices, and other soccer-related activities at Patriot FC facilities.


Mask Requirement Guidance Source 
Youth Player (not vaccinated)
No - while actively playing**See EPYSA May 10, 2021 COVID-19 Update
Youth Player (fully vaccinated) No*See EPYSA April 30, 2021 COVID-19 Masking
Coaches, Referees, and Spectators (not vaccinated)Yes*See EPYSA April 30, 2021 COVID-19 Masking
Coaches, Referees, and Spectators (fully vaccinated)No*See EPYSA April 30, 2021 COVID-19 Masking


*As noted in the EPYSA Advisory Notes, local rules and restrictions may be more or less restrictive than our community of Bucks County.  Teams, players, and spectators traveling outside our community are subject to COVID-19 protocols set in place by those communities and organizations. 

**Unvaccinated players may remove masks while actively engaged in soccer-related activities: warm-ups, games, and practices.  They must wear a mask while on the sidelines, in a team huddle, at halftime, and walking to and from their car to the field.  In addition, Patriot FC continues to recognize the Section 3 exception providing athletes with the ability to use discretion to remove their masks.  As noted in the EPYSA Advisory, no proof or medical note is required. 

For those players, coaches, referees, and spectators in attendance that are not required to wear a mask, Patriot FC supports the individual’s or family’s option/choice to continue to wear a mask during soccer play regardless of the federal, state, or local guidance that may allow otherwise.

Practice Procedures

The goal of these guidelines is to deliver the safest practice environment possible.  Implementing these procedures will require coordination between players, coaches, trainers, spectators, and volunteers.

All players, coaches, trainers, spectators and volunteers are expected to follow these procedures without exception.  Failure to do so can result in a discontinuation of the practice session.


  • Health check by parent or guardian on player to ensure regular temperature and no symptoms of sickness before every practice.

  • No player or coach can attend a practice if they have a temperature >100.4 or are feeling unwell.

  • No player should arrive earlier than 10 minutes before the scheduled practice time.

  • Each player must have their own equipment, including ball, cleats, shin guards, jersey, etc.

  • Players need to bring their club-provided pinnies to every practice.  Coach and trainer will not be providing pinnies for the group. 

  • Players should bring hand sanitizer, tissues, and any other personal health items they may require.


  • Every Patriot FC team will have at least one safety officer who is responsible for enforcing these procedures.

  • Please see "Masking Guidance" for questions about who needs to wear a mask
  • Coaches will move all equipment during the session.

  • All non-essential contact should be eliminated: No high fives, no handshakes, no group celebrations.

  • Contact between players during the session is allowed. This includes possession drills, small-sided games, full-sided games and others drills where players may contact other team members.

  • No sharing water bottles, food or equipment of any kind including goalkeeper gloves, shirts, etc.

  • No spitting.


  • Players must gather all belongings and trash from their practice area.

  • Please exit the field as quickly as possible to allow time for the next group to arrive and warm up for their session.

  • Player should wash hands once home.

  • Player's equipment should be sanitized after each practice.

  • Coach will sanitized all equipment after each session.

See protocols for reporting COVID-19 or other communicable disease exposure.

Communicable Disease Waiver

Players must have a signed waiver in place to participate in any soccer-related activities. No exceptions.


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